Investing with HFS

With Hopkins you can invest in individual Real Estate loans/Mortgage Investments or directly in Real Estate.

Real Estate Loans/Mortgage Investments:

Hopkins Financial Services, Inc. has been your source for private money real estate investment since 1983. Bank loans can be difficult to obtain thus creating "private" loan investment opportunities.  We make investing in real estate loans very simple and easy for the investor.  The benefits of private real estate loan investments with Hopkins include:

  • Management Free
  • Returns from 7% to 12%
  • Real Estate Secured
  • Performance

This type of investment works similar to being a bank or a mortgage lender, only you provide the investment capital to finance the borrower. In Idaho there is a strong market for these types of investments, particularly after the major lending institutions tightened their standards for lending money. There are many reasons people may be unable to obtain traditional loans, but the actual investment opportunity can still be quite profitable and secure. We help find investment opportunities that balance risk and potential upside - either through above-market returns or owner equity. Our professional staff can assist you in finding the right opportunity for your investment criteria. We have a number of current opportunities that you can view by clicking the icon above.

**Due to the nature and needs of most of our borrowers, in order to participate in individual loan investments you generally need a minimum of $100,000.00 to invest.

Real Estate:

You can invest directly in real estate by buying and selling individual properties. Hopkins is a licensed real estate broker and can assist you in the purchase and sale of real estate.  We can help you find real estate that will achieve your investment criteria and we'll take care of all the paper work.  We also have a number of real estate purchase opportunities that you can view by clicking on the icon above.

If you have a property you would like us to help you list please contact us at 208-467-5467.