Your Private Mortgage Broker

Since 1983, Hopkins Financial Services, Inc. has funded over a billion dollars in real estate secured loans and transactions. Large volume allows us the ability to create a loan that fits your investment needs; from finding an investment opportunity in the amount you have available to invest, to meeting your yield requirements and security guidelines.

Our real estate secured loan investments provide the investor with the opportunity to earn consistent, above market yields, while providing outstanding security (hard asset) and diversification. It is for this reason Hopkins Financial Services, Inc. has become one of the leaders in the non-conforming loan/investment industry.

Real Estate Secured Loan Investments Provide:

Above Market Returns: Most of our real estate secured loans average 7%-12% net annualized returns to the investor.

Security (Hard Asset): Real estate loans simply offer the investor double security. Investors have the assurance that a pre-qualified borrower is required to make payments according to the terms and conditions described in the note; and in the event that the payments are not made, the investor will ultimately receive the borrower’s property through the default process (all loans are secured by a deed of trust or trust deed, mortgage and/or mobile home title).

Sound Diversification: Investing in real estate loans is a conservative approach for short, intermediate or long-term investments

Liquidity: Surprisingly, real estate loan investments also offer good liquidity. If an investor needs to re-sell a loan (note) and get their money back quickly, we can usually assist for a nominal fee.

Performance: Performance: Since 1983, Hopkins Financial Services, Inc. has funded over a billion dollars in real estate secured loans and transactions; with an average return over 9%.

Management Free: Free: Our sister company, Hopkins Loan Services, Inc. (HLS), services an investment portfolio in excess of $75 million, for over 300 investors. HLS collects payments, monitors real estate taxes and insurance payments, and facilitates the foreclosure process (if necessary).